Monday, December 21, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 4.0.41

Available on FA
Direct link if you're not a member
Also available on SF
And e621!

Feel free to repost this version!

This is the final release of v4. Thanks to everyone who helped bug test during beta, you guys found a lot I missed! For those of you who already played the last beta, all that is new in this version is Sawsbuck, as a special Christmas themed pokemon, and a new winter background in showcase mode.

Latest Updates:
- New missionary position featuring Liepard and Absol
- New Showcase Mode, featuring an extended selection of pokémon. In this mode, you can arrange and customize your own animated scenes. Additional customizations will be added in later versions
- Showcase Pokémon: Vaporeon, Fennekin, Milotic, Murkrow, Umbreon, Leafeon, Unfezant, and Sawsbuck
- Improvements to the character selection screen
- New animation model, allowing for better animations and more complicated cum/mess progression (applies to new v4 animations only)

Btw, the modpack has been updated as well.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

More like... Sawsbutt!

Well, many of you guessed it! It was Sawsbuck.
I had considered Delibird, to keep the "bird theme" going, but...not the best rule 34 material, honestly D:

Sawsbuck has a masculine name and all the official designs would practically suggest it was supposed to be a male-only pokemon. So I took a bit of creative liberty creating a more fem version.

The final version of v4 will be coming out either Monday or Tuesday. Delcatty's interaction will be pushed back being more of an early v4.1 release. But she won't be coming out any later than I would have otherwise done. It's just an arbitrary versioning decision. I just want to get v4 out to the masses before the year's over ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Planned postponement

Hey everyone - you may have noticed I been pretty quiet these past couple weeks. Well, December is just a busy time, what can I say. Working hard on POW over the past couple months has left me with a backlog of personal items I've needed to address. And so I haven't had really any time to work on POW much this month. Now, with the climax of the holiday season upon us, I don't see anything significant coming this month.

I don't feel right about taking any pledges during a dead month, so, I've switched my Patreon over to "per update" mode instead of per month. In theory, nobody will be charged next pay cycle (Jan 1st).

I may leave the Patreon in this mode. It will be a psuedo-per-month mode, meaning that I would only intend to post one paid post per month on the months where there was work done. I probably should have done it that way in the first place. Per-month mode is better suited for rapid content output.

To clarify, the mega evolution vote will be postponed as well.

Actually, I do plan on releasing a winter themed pokemon to round things off (since I did one for Halloween and Thanksgiving) :)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Patreon Vote

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I took a few ideas and added my own spin. For the end of the year, let's do something a bit special and mega-size it!

The voting schedule is shifted a bit in light of the holidays, so voting will begin on the 27th, with the 26th being the final day to pledge if you'd like to participate, and you will have until the 5th to vote.

There were a lot of other good suggestions, though. Keep in mind that I won't pick any pokemon that I predicted I would end up doing anyway, since that would be a waste of a vote.

EDIT: Updated the poster to use a non-standard picture of Mawile. One that was less terrifying! ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

November vote and news

It's been a bit quite around here this past week, eh?

Well, here's some news: last month's Patreon vote.

Bayleef: 51
Grovyle: 37
Charizard: 57
Serperior: 29
Swampert: 17

And so, this means Charizard and Bayleef will be featured in the showcase mode. Honestly, I was expecting Serperior to take second!

I'm not taking on too much additional work and commitment at the moment, so the December vote will also be for a single showcase. I haven't decided who will be competing. Toss your suggestions in the comments (hint: Jolteon and Espeon are already spoken for).

There was also a flash poll a couple weeks ago, and we [overwhelmingly] decided that Ninetales's animation will doggystyle instead of missionary. So I'll be getting started on that once I finish up Delcatty.

And a big thank you to my Patreon pledgers (and paypal donations!) , especially those of you who have stuck with it for 3 months now ^_^

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

4.0.38 beta

A new version is now available.

Available on FA or this direct link for non-members

 - Leafeon showcase added
 - Unfezant showcase added
 - Fixed some clipping issues
 - Force advance (space key or next button) will now function during climax, in case you get stuck cumming forever. A problem we wished we all had, I'm sure.

Btw, for showcase mode, in case you didn't know, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move them around. Also the + and - keys work too. P will also pause an animation. These hotkeys all target whichever pokemon you clicked on last.

I heard T does something as well.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday hens for all!

Okay, well....there isn't exactly a turkey pokémon, but I heard pheasants are a popular alternative...err, unfezants, right? :)

Anyway, just something I wanted to do for the holidays! Another featherhead! And unlike murkrow, unfezants are pretty big. About as big as the eeveelutions ;)

This'll be released Wednesday, along with Leafeon.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Salad Fox is working hard for her graduation

Well, she needs to make sure she can accommodate her human, right??

So, anyway, here's a little something extra to look forward to with the upcoming Delcatty update. This was a side-project and special thank you to my biggest supporter on Patreon: Kammy. Thanks! ^_^

Friday, November 20, 2015

4.0.36 beta is Absol...utely available


Available on FA or this direct link for non-members

Sorry about the long wait, it's just been a lot more work than I expected it to be. The thing about making estimates on a schedule is that it depends on your past experience, and a lot of this technique is new stuff.

Anyway, Delcatty is next!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Download made easier

Small update: In response to a growing number of requests, I've put up a consolidated download page, at the top of this blog (or click here).

Oh, this post is too short...what else is there to talk about? Being a gamer, I thought Fallout 4 was going to suck my life away for a few weeks, but it turns out it's not as addictive as I imagined it would be. So I been back to work. I finished up Absol's head (sub-animations like eyes, jaw, emotions, and the programming for it). I just got a few last things to finish up. Shouldn't be toooo much longer!

In one last bit of news, for those of you who follow my Patreon, you should be aware that they changed how the pledge display total is calculated now. It was showing $320-something yesterday, but now it's around $280. This is because this value now factors in fees and no longer includes people with false billing information.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Absol's body is ready


So if you been following this blog for awhile, and been paying attention, you may remember me saying something about "v4 before Fallout 4", which is due in less than 24 hours now.

Well, estimates are estimates, and, not often accurate. It's going to be awhile longer. Chalk it up to being a lot more work than I anticipated. But I hope this [low-res] teaser screenshot of Absol makes up for the delay :)

Thanks again to Jose Malvado, who contributed the pose.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lucario Flash Poll

There is now an additional perk to $5 pledgers on Patreon. If I want feedback on something during the design phase, I may issue a flash poll. These are simple, unscheduled polls which run for 1-3 days, depending on their importance.

The first one was a 24-hour poll, which just ended. I don't plan on posting every flash poll results on the blog (unless maybe there's a lack of news), but I am this time just to let you guys know about this new process.

There are currently 17 people in the $5 tier, 10 of which participated in this one. And, well, it's essentially a tie. I would say that in the event of a tie, either the top supporters or myself will be the tiebreaker, but either way, both scenarios would be in the "no" camp, keeping the official style.

Friday, November 6, 2015

4.0.32 beta

A new beta build is available.

Download from Dropbox

No, this is not the "Absol Patch", sorry! But what is new is...
  • Umbreon showcase animations added.
  • The human will now sometimes (50%) cum outside after the main orgasm sequence finishes.
  • Liepard's animations refined.
  • Much more moddable now. Over 16 variables have been moved from hard-coded to XML-based. Check out the newly updated plans.xml file in the mod pack. The XML also now contains commented documentation to explain things better.
  • Load confirmation or failure messages added when you try to enable modded files.
  • Tons of bug fixes thanks to you guys!

This will likely be the last beta before the final beta with Absol and Delcatty.

In other news, I have renamed the Donations page to Contributions, and have written up a list of non-monetary ways to get involved and support the project.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Donation methods expanded

I have opened some additional channels of donation for those who would like an alternative to Patreon: Paypal and Bitcoin. For those of you who would like to leave a tip, but not interested in the pledge rewards (or are tipping beyond the $5 tier), this may be a more ideal solution, as the overhead fees are substantially reduced.

In any case, thanks again for your generosity!

In POW news, there should be an intermediate beta build coming out in the next few days fixing a ton of bugs that you guys have been reporting to me :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Proof that more tails = more votes

The October Patreon results are in.

Mightyena: 14
Ninetales: 67
Luxray: 12

Soooo, wow...what a slaughter! I wasn't expecting that. While I did suspect that Ninetales would win, I didn't expect the margins to be so massive. In order to provide competitive value for voters, it's in my best interest to pick candidates that I feel can compete well with one another.

There's two problems with this poll. One of that I was competing a 1st gen pokemon against a gen 3 and 5, and I suspect there's much more 1st gen love in this audience (sounds a good public poll topic, eh?). Second, the candidates were limited by POW's old animation class model, which required that the pokemon be of about the same size and shape.

Moving forward, any polls for interactive pokemon will not be required to be the same size and shape. Also, I'll try to keep the span of generations to a minimum between candidates to curb nostalgia bias.

If I have some spare time, perhaps the 2nd place winner here will earn a showcase animation ;)

...or as they call her in r34, "Cumbreon"

Needed a break from fucking Absol for the past week, so I decided to get a head start on v4.1 and get Umbreon's presenting graphics done. I like how she came out! Umbreon has a relatively simple design, so it didn't take very long and was just a fun lil' distraction.

She'll be available as a showcase until her graduation in v4.1.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

4.0.27 beta

A small update tonight.

Download from Dropbox

This contains the Murkrow showcase animation. I had planned for there to be more for this update, but alas, I was bit busier than expected this week. Still, here's what's new:

- Murkrow showcase animation, for Halloween! (I looked up a list of "Halloween themed pokemon" and settled on this squawker)
- Additional modding support. The navigation bar up top now has a modding section which the flash links to.
- Some little fixes to Liepard's animation.
- Dialog bug fixed.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Have a spooky birb butt

Soooo spooky!
Felt like doing something for Halloween. I mean....Murkrows are kinda too small to "do things" with them, so this is just a showcaser. Unless you subscribe to rule 28 I guess (and considering the allowable extents of interspecies breeding in pokémon, they probably do) ;)

Also, the first pokémon to come in a shiny variant - pink!

As much as I love avians, there aren't too many bird pokémon I'm into, mostly because their body proportions are absurd. I took some creative liberties with Murkrow here, giving her a less cartoonish body style. Hopefully it didn't stray too far :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

4.0.25 beta

Finally, after a solid month of work, I present to you the first open beta of v4! I recommend reading this whole post before playing though!

Download from Dropbox

First of all, you should be aware that in this beta build, Absol and Delcatty are not yet available. The reason because Liepard was constructed around the new animation model, which is far removed from how the eeveelutions work. In fact, all the eeveelution-related content has been mostly pushed into an isolated corner of the flash file as legacy content now.

Therefore, once Liepard is all squared away and working correctly, Absol and Delcatty will be fully implemented and integrated into the new system. It shouldn't take very long to do, compared to Liepard. I'm guessing about one week each.

Other things missing from the beta:
 - Some animation variety, so you may notice some repetition for the shorter loops.
 - Dialog variety. Dialog is mostly bare-bones right now. I pretty much wrote most of it an hour before writing this post.
 - Cum effects on the upper body
 - Cum customizations for non-showcase exclusive pokemon in showcase mode.
 - Possibly better sound effects (don't I say that every time?)

I would prefer this beta build not be distributed elsewhere, so that the general public isn't spoiled too much ;)

Latest Updates:
 - New missionary position featuring Liepard, Absol and Delcatty
 - New Showcase Mode, featuring an extended selection of pokémon. In this mode, you can arrange and customize your own animated scenes. Additional customizations will be added in later versions.
 - Showcase Pokémon: Vaporeon, Fennekin, and Milotic
 - Improvements to the character selection screen
 - New animation model, allowing for better animations and more complicated cum/mess progression (applies to new v4 animations only).

Special credit goes out to Jose Malvado for providing the Liepard graphic to me, free of charge! Go check out his work!

Music Credit: Ta-Ku - Long Time No See

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Schedule updates and November vote

The October patreon vote begins in a few days - the 25th! The final day to participate is the 24th. The roadmap has been adjusted based on new development expectations, moving the October winner into late November instead of December (among other things, see for yourself). Looking ahead, though, the November vote will be a showcase competition, this time.

A handful of starter pokemon will be competing to show off in front of the camera. Voters will be allowed to pick two answers, out of five, and the top 2 winners will get a place in showcase lineup.

They are: Serperior, Charizard, Bayleef, Grovyle, and Swampert

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dev Diary

Sometimes it's a good idea to take a step back and rethink the basics. As in, the basics that you've established for yourself in how you've decided to do things. I had a moment of clarity which has resulted in my abandoning the animation class model.

As it turns out, it's easier to take a graphic and break it up, then animate that, instead of taking a mess of body parts and trying to stitch them together into a pre-existing animation. That's how the cowgirl position animations work, but all the showcase, presenting and after sex animations are regular animations.

Animation class sounded good on artist would provide me with a graphic or vector and I'd apply it to an existing animation. But it hasn't worked well in practice and now-a-days I do most of my own art anyway.

I've created 12 animations so far for v4 and they are all more complicated than any of the v3 ones. Fennekin's and Milotic's animation loops are about 15 seconds long, for example. So I've gotten the hang of doing animations now and I don't find them to be very time consuming, really. It's the graphical prep-work that's time consuming, and prepping for animation classes is the worst.

So I'm doing away with it. Not only will it ease development, but that also means that Liepard, Absol and Delcatty will each have unique missionary animations, instead of them sharing the same one like the eeveelutions do for cowgirl. I've spent a good 4 hours tonight redoing (again) POW's internal structure to work under the new model. Phew!

I've also adjusted the roadmap to reflect the changes. There might be a beta next week :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Music bounty available [closed]

UPDATE: A song has been selected and the winner has been notified. Thank you everyone for participating!

Back in July I posted an open question for music suggestion, as in the background music during sex. Of course, back then there weren't many people following this blog, but now there are close to 3k hits a day.

I don't really want to keep the current music, which is from HuniePop, which I only picked as a last resort, added moments before v3 release. Since then, I have continued to look for music on and off, but it has been the greatest challenge so far. It takes a long time to screen music and I've wasted a lot of evenings doing this over the past couple months.

So, if anyone has any good suggestions for music, let me know. If I pick your suggestion, you'll be given 5 votes towards the next Patreon vote (Mightyena vs Ninetails vs Luxray for missionary scene). I'll need a way to verify who's who, so if you want to claim the "bounty", you'll need submit your suggestion on a non-anonymous account of some description, either on here or Furaffinity, SoFurry, Patreon, etc.

Use your best judgement on what music you think is appropriate. I don't mind using music from other video games as long as it's not very recognizable, which serves as a distraction (exception if the music is from a Pokemon game). Music from obscure games and artists is good. Midis are also fine, I can convert them.

I may reward multiple people in the event there's more than one good suggestion.

That's a lotta sea snake to love

The finest catch of the sea!

Was a bit of a learning experience animating her, since her body form is significantly different from the quads I'm used to working with.

Unless I get impulsive about a particular pokemon, that concludes the new ones for v4. Three interactives and three showcasers.

All that's left now is for me to finish the missionary sequences, which is about 1/4th complete. Post frequency may settle down over the next couple weeks while I work on that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Why settle for just one pokébutt when you can have two? Or three?

I've just about wrapped up the basics for the new showcase mode. You can add all the pokemon you want, move them around, scale them, mirror them, and adjust the background settings. That's an animated beach scene btw, with moving waves, drifting clouds, and breezy palms! Vaporeons are suckers for the whole "sex on the beach" trope, I guess.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Showcase Mode

Bring on the feature creep!

I finished the last of the presenting poses yesterday, meaning Liepard, Absol and Delcatty are done in that department. But, I quite enjoy doing those animations and I want to do more. However, I can't commit to doing a full blown sex interaction for every little thing.

And so, I put together "showcase mode". This is an extended roster of pokemon. Though you can't sex them up, they certainly make for nice animated eye candy. Here's Vaporeon. You'll have to use your imagination on what you think her animation might be from this still-shot :)

It's also possible that pokemon will graduate from showcase mode to select mode in the future. It's actually more likely, since they're already partially implemented.

To make up for the lack of a sex interaction, pokemon exclusive to showcase mode will have a few customizations. From innocent things like changing the background and lighting, to more naughty things like adding cum splashes.

Finally, this new feature opens the possibility for new voting options. When I'm not able to put up a major feature vote, I'll fall back to having a showcase mode pokemon vote, since I can do those in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't planning on having a November vote on Patreon next month, but it's back on now :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roadmap posted

Everywhere I look, the question is "when is ____". Of course I'm the same way for things I watch closely, like games and mods, so I understand!

It's difficult to predict the future, but if I had to guess.....well, see for yourself. I'll update the roadmap every now and then to reflect updated expectations as time goes on.

Btw, I finished Absol's presenting poses today. She totally got unfair treatment as her animation and art is better than any of the others, IMO ;)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Liepard is down to clown

Its been too long since I've posted a teaser, so, here's a WIP of Liepard's presenting pose. Though you'll have to wait and see what she does when you mouse-over her ;)

Her tail was fun to work with. I got to play around with armatures for the first time (at least in a real project). That means her tail is made out of many bones, and moves around more like a tail would, instead of being a stiff pivot at the base.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Patreon vote results

The results are in! And, wow, were they close! In fact, any one voter could have tipped the results in their favor. Lucario is the winner, and will be featured in version 5!

Didn't get what you voted for? Don't worry, this doesn't mean they won't ever be featured. Someday, I'm sure!

The October vote is: There will be a forth pokemon added to the missionary scene, most likely in version 4.2. Which one? Mightyena, Ninetales, or Luxray?

One last bit of news. After October's vote, future voting may be temporarily suspended. I can't keep making promises to add more and more content, because I need to get the existing promises done first, obviously. One vote a month may be too stressful of a pace to realistically keep up for the quality of work I want to deliver. I'll try to think of some alternative way of thanking pledgers, but if you chose to remove or reduce your pledge, no hard feelings :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

About the polls....

A new public poll is now available, asking what your preferred body shape is. For clarification, humanoid bipeds would be pokemon such as Lucario and Blaziken, and non-humanoid bipeds would be bird and dragon-like pokemon, for example.

For those wondering, the result of the Patreon poll will be made available at the start of next month, along with what the October poll will be.

As for progress on the flash, I don't have much to post in the way of screenshots, right now. It's mostly just a lot of coding and meta work, at this point. I had an artist lined up to help with doing the presenting pose for the new pokemon, but they had to back out. I'll probably just do those myself, which is fine, but more development time, of course.

The big question is "when is the next version?". Well, let's just say I'd like to get it out before the launch of Fallout 4, because that will be too distracting, lol.... ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The September poll has been sent

I've sent out the poll for September's patreon pledgers. This is my first time using this system, so let me know if you never got your email (check your spam box, too, just in case).

Just as a reminder, you have until the end of the month to vote!

Also, the public poll has closed. I'm a little surprised by the results, to be honest! A new public poll will be posted in the coming days.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

May get a bit quiet

I've begun development of v4 last week. So far I've got Liepard's graphics in, though unanimated and unscripted.

Version 4, being a major release and all, will take some a good while to produce and I may not have too much to say during the long development cycle, so you may notice a change in post frequency. Not dead, just busy!

On an unrelated note, to patreon supports, I will no longer be posting a copy of POW on patreon anymore, mainly for legal reasons, and also because it didn't really serve much purpose having another copy of it to maintain out there.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.2.28 released

The non-beta is now available. I don't think I'll be using dropbox anymore. Too many files to maintain!

As before, you can view the FA submission here, or use this direct download link if you do not have an account there.

Changes since 3.2.26: The stop button now pauses the remaining animations (less creepy!), the bed creaking is quieter, added gender symbols to the pokedex, lots of performance improvements, and most importantly dialog-override is back.

If you modded the dialog, you no longer need a special version of this game. Just toggle the checkbox on the title screen (why didn't I think of that sooner?)!

For your convenience, here's the latest dialog template: dialog-override.xml Make your changes to the xml and place it in the same folder as wherever you downloaded the .swf file.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.2.26 beta

Download @ FurAffinity (or direct download if you're not a member)

Here it is! The main two features are the after sex animations, which appear after you switch pokemon, and the new adult pokedex which now acts as the main interface. The after sex animation is dynamic in that it will progressively appear messier and messier based on your previous session with her.

This will be the last 3.x version, meaning version 4.0 is next!

Also, due to the amount of changes in this version, I have marked it as beta. I will be listening for bug reports for the next few days. Please do not repost the beta version of this flash anywhere. I will be posting the non-beta version on the regular channels in a few days.


Latest Updates:
- Pokemon now have unique "after sex" animations, which you will see after switching out
- The interface now functions through slide-out pokedex, but not just any pokedex. A pokedex written for breeders, of course, complete with sexual descriptions.
- A wider layout, with new layouts for each screen
- Changes to Glaceon's face
- Bed creaking sound effects

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Patreon pledge changes

After having time to assess the reaction to Patreon, and get some feedback, I've decided to make the following changes to pledging:
  • You may now vote with the minimum pledge, at $1
  • Instead of there being a $5 pledge, it is now just 1 vote per $ pledged, to a maximum of 5
  • Everyone may now see the poll's post and comment, but the votes themselves are done over private message (for now, anyway)


Oh, and v3.2 is coming this week!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Patreon page is now available

If you would like to donate/tip/or see what happens when you give a raptor money, I now have my very own Patreon page. Don't worry, I've no intention of paywalling my flash games. This is primarily to act as a tipping outlet for those interested.

There is a $1 tipping tier, and a $5 voting access tier. While there will still be public polls here on the blog, they will only be for minor things. This is partially to do with the anonymous nature of the internet, meaning the polls are easily cheated and not well represented.

The Patreon polls are a month long (subject to change), and September poll is a vote between Lopunny, Lucario and Gardevoir in regards to an oral scene.

Donations or not, I appreciate any support though, even if you just share or favorite my flash games on any of the regular furry websites. Thanks! ^_^

Click the logo below to visit my patreon page:

In other news, version 3.2 is coming along nicely. I've finished Glaceon and Sylveon and just gotta finish up Flareon now :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New boilerplate animation

Not pokemon related, but I felt like animating my feathery raptor avatar. She now acts as a "boilerplate" intro for my flashes. You can view it on my FurAffinity page (not an adult submission so no registration required).


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Version 3.2 preview

Version 3.2's main two features are the new after sex animations, and the pokedex.

Now, when you switch out to the next pokemon, the previous one will lie next to you in the bed, resting. The mess under her tail is dynamically rendered based on how much time you spent with her, including animated rivulets and a creamy forming puddle. Their facial express may also change based on what happened.

As for the pokedex, it will act as the game's main interface here on out. You can access the cheat controls here, music and sound toggles, swap out pokemon, read their adult orientated pokedex entry, and in the future, customize their appearance, and even use the screen to view x-ray mode. I spent a fairly long time working on it since it'll be used as a global feature. I'm still working on the interface, so here's just a picture of the boot sequence.

I estimate 3.2 will be ready sometime ealy September. This will be the last 3.x release before 4.0 which will finally introduce some new positions and different types of pokemon.

Friday, August 21, 2015

GIF versions now available

Here are some GIF versions of the presenting poses, for whoever might find these useful :)
Of course, the in-game flash versions are better and two-phase, but it's a compromise.

Btw, the new animations in 3.2 are coming along nicely. Glaceon's is done and I'm working on Sylveon's now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Too much pokébutt

Here's a WIP preview of v3.2's new selection screen. You may notice that the flash is now quite a bit wider. I wonder why that might be, hm? It was to make room for new 3.2 animations, but with all the extra space to play with, I got distracted and took advantage of it for the pre-game screens ;)

Instead of animated sprites along the bottom, you now just scroll through the lineup. EG if you click Sylveon, she'll center, and you'll see Liepard's placeholder slide into her old position.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Presenting v3.1.19!

Suddenly, a new version!

Download from Dropbox

This update's main two features is the new presenting animations. Head down, ass up! You'll see them on the character select screen, and eventually on the "adult pokedex" later.

The other feature is the new v2 dialog. It is now progressive and can recognize new events. Our writer, Foxohki, has been very busy adding more variety to the thought bubbles. Now over 400 lines!

Latest Updates:
 - Pokemon now have a unique "presenting" animation on the character select screen
 - Fireplace can now be lit + lighing effects
 - Redid some of Flareon and Glaceon's appearance
 - New "dialog v2" system, recognizing new events and progression. Now with over 3x more dialog... 400+ lines!

New dialog modding override:

The instructions from the previous post still apply. However the format has drastically changed, so you'll need to get the new template to get started:

UPDATE: Turns out, the dialog override feature causes the flash to break if embedded on a website. It'll work fine stand-alone though, like if you run it on your computer locally.

For now, dialog modding has been disabled in version 3.1.19. However, if you really want to play around with it, you can still download the old version here, before it was disabled.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. And as always, feedback and critique in general is welcome. If you think something is ugly or off, I don't mind the criticism. I'm a budding artist and could benefit from a bit of constructive criticism ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015


Flareon has been given a bit of a facelift. She was the first asset I did and I wasn't quite as experienced at the time. I spent a couple hours redoing her face. Better?

UPDATE: Fixed some symmetrical issues.

Sylveon uses attract!

It has been decided that v3.2 and v3.1's features will be released in reverse order. The "presenting animations" are 2/3 complete and I plan on having it done early next week. If I can wrap up the other smaller features, I hope to be done by the end of next week!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just a peek...

While waiting on the v3.1 graphics to be made, I got started on doing the v3.2 graphics myself. Every pokemon will have a "presenting" pose that will be displayed in somewhat of an "adult pokedex", and also used for the select screens. Well, not an "image"... it's animated, and drippy with lust ;)

I took a screenshot of Glaceon and turned her into a promotional teaser poster! Too bad that pesky tail is in the'll just have to wait for the full release for the animated version to move a bit!

UPDATE: It's possible that these animations will come out for v3.1, and the animations that were originally planned for v3.1 will come out for v3.2 instead. It could go either way, at this point. Whichever gets done first!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

3.1.2 alpha: modding functionality

The first version of 3.1 is now available. Keep in mind this is not the final version of 3.1 and lacks most of the features it will have.

Download from Dropbox


 - The fireplace can now be enabled/disabled by clicking on it. It introduces some experimental lighting effects which may be too intense for slower computers (hence the disablement option).
 - Various performance improvements to try and counter the strain the new lighting effects added.
 - Dialog (thought bubbles) may now be modded.
 - Audio bug fixes
 - Typo corrections

Dialog Modding:

I'm a big proponent of modding in games, so I'll be trying to push in this direction more with future versions. The first moddable item is the dialog. This can be useful in case anybody wanted to make a language translation, or if you wanted to personalize your pokemon's thoughts. Make them naughtier, smarter, think your name, whatever you want!

In order to mod the dialog, download this override file to get started: dialog-override.xml
Place this file in the same location as the .swf flash file you downloaded.

Open the .xml in a text editor of your choice. It should, hopefully, be pretty self explanatory. Each pokemon is represented as an <actor>, and given a unique ID. In this case, Flareon is 1, Glaceon is 2, and Sylveon is 3.

You can add more variety to the thoughts by simply adding additional lines, and the game will pick one randomly.

Near the bottom, you'll see categories like round2, round6, round20, etc. These are dynamic subjects, and you can put in any round number you want. If you put in round3, this line will be used to recognize the third round of sex has begun.

People tell me I'm lousy at explaining things, and I know...let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to clarify!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.0.46 released....what's next?

The final release of version 3 is now available!

Download from Dropbox

Changes from the beta include a number of bug fixes, better blushing effects, and new sound effects and music.

Development on v3 began way back in last December, but went on hiatus for a long time. Perhaps it was too daunting of a task to take on solo? And so, I'd like to thank our contributing artist Shadowless Twin for answering my call to help, which really helped motivate me and boost my productivity once again.

As well, thanks to Foxohki for dialog contributions and art QA. I'd also like to thank Coliser, Restrained Raptor, and Draco18s for technical consultation. Lots of programming, phew!

So, what's next? v3.1?

There's no shortage of ideas. Minor releases (eg 3.1, 3.2, etc) will include new features and general improvements. Major releases (4.0, 5.0, etc) will feature new animation classes.

What is an animation class?
An animation class is one particular series of animations that can be shared by pokemon of a similar size and shape. For example, v3 has one animation class, which I refer to as "medium quads: cowgirl position" (quads as in four legged ferals).

v4,0 will add the animation class "large quads: missionary", with the current candidates being Liepard and Absol.

But, that'll take some time to finish. In the meantime, what can we look forward to in v3.1? The main feature it will bring is after sex animations. Other ideas for v3.1 include:

- additional dialog subjects, such as recognizing if they're the first one picked, or if they're getting "sloppy seconds".
- pokemon.xml. This data file will contain behavior information for each pokemon, which will regulate some things, such as bias towards slow vs fast animations, blushing, drooling and panting behavior, arousal sensitivity, etc. This will give each pokemon more individuality.
- more cum stuff of some description. I have a lot of ideas in this department.
- lighting the fireplace in the background + lighting effects

There are many more ideas, but those will be saved for future releases. Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments!

And finally, the door is still open for any artists and animators who would like to help out in some way!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.0.44 Beta

After a long few weeks of hard work, I bring to you Pokemon: Off-White!


I got 99% of what I wanted to include in v3. I'm releasing it only here on my blog for now, so please do not repost this anywhere else. Over the next couple days, I'll address any bugs that come up, and work on that last 1% (which is all sound related stuff). The non-beta, finished version will be posted on the regular sites like e621 on Thursday, and I'll also announce some features in store for v3.1.

Have fun!

<Beta download removed. Use release version>

Known Issues:
 - Sylveon drools. She's not supposed to.
 - Sylveon facial cum doesn't line up.

Any ideas for music?

So, I've had some people offering voice acting talent for the game. But before I can consider that, the flash needs some background music or ambience, because this helps to normalize the sound clips. Otherwise they sound way too noticeable, in a bad way.

I've spent days now on the prowl for some suitable background music that fits the bedroom theme, but can't find a good match. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Flareon is lookin' fine + anonymous commenting

And so another week passes. "Where's my porkymans?!" you ask. Well, it might be awhile longer....wait, don't leave! D:

You see, I'm new to collaborative projects. I usually just work solo. So it's hard to give a time estimate when not everything is in your own hands. While waiting on a few essential graphic assets to make its way to my inbox, I been quite busy. I've continuing working on adding Sylveon, and have unfortunately wasted sooo much time on her feelers/ribbons. Those things are ridiculously difficult to animate in 2d, especially since they would most often weave between multiple layers.

Animations are important for projects like these, so that got a lot of attention too. I ended up redoing almost half of the animations in the project, and rewrote all the code associated with it to be more expandable and easier to manipulate. The end result is that the humping animations should have more variety and look smoother.

Next, I completely redid Flareon. At a glance, she might look the same as before, but, you might notice the difference if you play on a high resolution monitor. She wasn't a proper vector graphic before, but I traced over every body part and re-vectored everything proper and ran it all through an optimizer. She looks crisp and clean as ever!

I've also been networking pretty hard, getting in touch with a handful of artists. Most people aren't too willing to get caught up in a project with some featherhead they don't know, so it has mostly been dead ends. But it never hurts to ask.

Lastly, I noticed the comments were locked down on this blog tighter than they needed to be. I opened it up to everyone. It's experimental....Let's see how well google's new anti-spambot system works! I love reading comments and hearing feedback and suggestions from you guys! ^_^

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Sooo, I said v3 might release this weekend. The bad news: it might be another week.

The good news: That's because I been stuffing so much into v3 than I hadn't originally planned. And this is not a solo operation anymore. I'm now working with a couple of other talented people to help expand this project into something bigger.

And, any project needs a good name right? Well, as a parody of how most pokemon games are named after a color, and, as a nod for corny-porny titles, from now on, it'll be known as Pokemon: Off-White. Use your imagination on what that refers to. Or just wait until you see the logo.

Here's a screenshot of the "switch pokemon" screen, by clicking the pokeball in on the bed. Hey! What's Sylveon doing there!? Ugghhh!

So yeah, most of the work I been doing has been putting in all the foundation to plug in new pokemon. The first one I added - Glaceon - took days to do. Sylveon only took a few hours.

Between now and release, the plan is to replace the background and bed graphics, replace/improve the human graphics, and refine the animations a bit more.

Also, the offer is still on the table: I welcome more people to join the effort! There's no shortage of work to be done, if you want to help out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Glaceon is almost ready for you

In the polishing phase now, fixing up the graphics, shading, etc.

By the way, using google, I tried to determine which eeveelution is generally considered the hottest. Umbreon seems to be the winner, almost tied with Sylveon. Then Glaceon. Poor Leafeon was always dead last. What do you think?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

How pesky velos treat their humans

Been learning Source Filmmaker lately. This is what I was able to come with after two days of playing around with it. It's my hen, Yukei! Seems she's found herself a human to hump :O

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Want to make more kinky flash games?

I imagine this blog may be seeing some traffic in soon, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to put up a brief post to any artists who may wander by: I'm looking to collaborate with an artist to create more flash content. You see, I'm more of the technical sort - programming and animating I can do just fine - and while I can do a bit of artwork on my own, it slows down my progress immensely, which is why I usually stick with remastering existing flash instead.

Q. I don't know anything about making flash!
A. That's okay. If you can draw vector, that's great, but even if you can't, I can convert assets into vector art quite easily with a bit of cooperation on how you go about drawing your art.

Q. What's in it for me?!
A. Well, I'm mostly interested in people who draw out of a labor of love, and would enjoy seeing their artwork come to life. However, if you have bills to pay, I'm open to the idea of doing a Patreon partnership. Flash and game patreons are doing well these days ;)

Q. What kind of artwork?
A. I'm interested in feral-on-non-feral interactions, be it pokemon or otherwise. I also love raptors, as you might guess.

Contact me if you're interested :)

Sylveon WIP Preview

This is a little piece I have been working on for months now, on and off. The original flash was by DeceitfulDragonair (link in the flash starting page) and I really loved his vector art for Sylveon. But I wasn't too crazy over the sex sequence itself. So, I took the vector art, changed the pose, the animations, added in my own mechanics, and best of all, added the human artwork myself and animated it. Oh and I gave it a background setting too. This is basically a slutty Sylveon presenting herself in public.

It's not done yet. I still have to do all the cum effects (just some temporary effects in right now). It's going to be messy as can be, potentially, depending on how long you let it run ;) I'm also playing around with some better sound effects and moans for her.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Whatever happened to Flareon?

If you found this blog, then you're probably here for some flash games. Of the sexy variety, no doubt. Back in November '14 I posted a game with Flareon and there was supposed to be a new version in January.

You know the main problem with creating porn, of any media (art, stories, flash, etc)? If you're not doing it for money, then you're doing it out of personal motivation. Yes, I find what I work on attractive, or I wouldn't be doing it. However, even the hottest porn gets old eventually. Such is our nature. I got bored with that pokemon flash and it became a chore to keep working on it.

Since November, I have been working on v2.2 on and off, and I've decided to post what I came up with so far. Most of it was under the hood - converting the whole thing over to the latest version of actionscript. The other big thing was refining the animations and art. Here it is:

<no longer available>

As for today, I been working on a new flash and I'll be posting about it soon!