Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sylveon WIP Preview

This is a little piece I have been working on for months now, on and off. The original flash was by DeceitfulDragonair (link in the flash starting page) and I really loved his vector art for Sylveon. But I wasn't too crazy over the sex sequence itself. So, I took the vector art, changed the pose, the animations, added in my own mechanics, and best of all, added the human artwork myself and animated it. Oh and I gave it a background setting too. This is basically a slutty Sylveon presenting herself in public.

It's not done yet. I still have to do all the cum effects (just some temporary effects in right now). It's going to be messy as can be, potentially, depending on how long you let it run ;) I'm also playing around with some better sound effects and moans for her.


  1. Well did you finish it? It has been two years since you started creating it. I know you quit on Pokemon-Off-White which was fun.