Saturday, April 15, 2017

Source code release

Fancy yourself a flash developer, or just want to poke around under the hood and see what you can do? By all means, have at it, because the raw .FLA files for POW are now available.

These files were originally made available to put some new eyes on the code and see what could be done, but I figure, what the hey, just put it out in the wild. Considering you can just decompile .swf files, there's little reason to try and hold back the source code from people who want to play around with it. Have fun!

And hey... if you do anything cool, let me know, I'd love to see ;)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The open source idea was a mistake

So, half a year has passed since I decided to take a bite that was too big to chew. I learned the hard way that trying to convert a big project to a new coding standard is way harder than just building something from scratch.

If there's any AS3 wizards out there, which is a rarity these days (it's basically a dialect of javascript), perhaps I could enlist some community volunteer work to take over the conversion efforts.

Alternatively, I'm strongly consider starting up a new project called TerraRaptor's Animations Platform... TRAP! This would be a new flash platform built on more professional and modern coding techniques, and I would then just port the animations over to it. But it probably would lack some of the fancy interface stuff (like the breeder selection screen and the pokedex). But I dunno how important any of that stuff is to people. Ehhh so basically just a "more porn, less bullshit" gallery.

It'd also have non-pokemon stuff that I may be interested in animating some day. Thoughts?

On an unrelated sidenote, I'd like to plug the newly created Feral Pokemon Porn discord channel. It's not mine, but you can find me there :)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

PSA: Modding Confirmed Broken

Just a quick post for those of you who may end up here seeking help with POW's modding functionality... yeah it doesn't appear to be working. I've spent the past few hours now trying to figure out what's going on with it.

It's not just the latest version, but older versions as well, which makes me think the problem has something to do with a recent flash update, or browser update in how it handles its local security (flash is notoriously insecure, after all).

It will work, however, if you play the flash directly within the flash player instead of through the browser.

I don't have any leads as to what the problem is exactly, so most likely I would just need to rewrite that whole system using some other technique, which may as well be part of the v5 code rewrite.

I'm sure many of you have been wondering when v5 is expected, but I don't have any good news to share on that. Life has taken me off course from creative developments these past few months, but I expect to return to POW sooner or later for another wave of lewd fun n' progress.

- Tera

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pokemon Off White to become open source

I think it's about time for POW to "grow up" and become more than what it currently it by going open source. For version 5, I have been working towards this goal. While I've wanted to go open source for awhile now, the way POW is structured is unsuitable for public involvement, due to how messy and amateur it is. It is the byproduct of a learning experience.

As I've been working on that new game I mentioned a few posts ago, I've learned the joys of programming in a more proper method, and now, coming back to work on POW, it's irritating. So, ever since releasing 4.4.11, I've been working on rewriting POW into hierarchical, encapsulated/modular code structure (which, btw, might have the side-effect of correcting a few troublesome bugs that are a consequence of the way things currently work).

Once I'm done with that, I plan on starting up a github to host POW's source files. Those with programming expertise could contribute to the programming side of things (AS3, similar to javascript), and those with the tools to create flash vector animations could download the .fla and see what they can do in there. Contributions to the official release would need to go through the usual QA and approval process by me, although there would be nothing stopping people from making their own unofficial variants of the game.

The coding process could take awhile, and I wouldn't expect any art news for the next month. And I'd be curious to know if anyone here would be seriously interested in getting involved with the open source version of POW once it's ready. Leave a comment ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon: Off White 4.4.11

The non-beta version has been posted. It fixes the panting noise bug, the latias cum button toggles a cum visibly layer now, and the thought bubbles in scene mode can be toggled on/off.

Available on FA
Direct link

Ninetales breeder mode is next in v5, and will likely also include a few showcase as well. There may be another big change as well for v5 but I'm not ready to go into details about it just yet!

For those of you who pledged to me on patreon, chances are there won't be any pledge processing this month as I don't expect v5 to be ready before the month is over. So no new vote.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

August poll results

Well this was a close one!

Eevee: 80
Fennekin: 81
Shaymin: 68

And the raw votes were actually 21-23-20 (the above results factors in the $1 per 1 vote system, max 5).

This poll was for a bunch of small pokemon in a bounce scene, where the trainer holds onto her and bounces her. Completely in an innocent, playful manner, I'm sure!

As for when... well, Ninetales comes first, so, sometime after v5.0.

And Eevee and Shaymin...? Eevee was already planned to at least be in a showcase animation, and I think I might do the same for Shaymin too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pokemon: Off White 4.4.9 beta

The Latias update is here!

Available at FA
Direct Download

Well, this is not 100% of what I was hoping to get done with the Latias update, but it's good enough for a beta release. Let me know what you guys think as I'll likely be making a few final refinements between now and final release. For example, there may be a pre-penetration stage of the animation.

Latest Updates:
- New scene: Latias vaginal
- New showcase centent: Espeon and Lopunny
- New showcase features: Breast style toggle (currently only for Lopunny)

- (also new title screen music)