Thursday, June 8, 2017

A small update

I've posted some updated scattered here and there - in comments, on discord, other websites, etc - but seems I forgot the main source... here!

This will be a small post: I been getting help from a member of the community, now that POW's source code is out there, on modernizing and overhauling the code. Without divulging too much about said helper's personal life, he's dealing with some health issues at the moment, which obviously take priority. Not much else to say on that, but worse case scenario, it's back to square one again.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Source code release

Fancy yourself a flash developer, or just want to poke around under the hood and see what you can do? By all means, have at it, because the raw .FLA files for POW are now available.

These files were originally made available to put some new eyes on the code and see what could be done, but I figure, what the hey, just put it out in the wild. Considering you can just decompile .swf files, there's little reason to try and hold back the source code from people who want to play around with it. Have fun!

And hey... if you do anything cool, let me know, I'd love to see ;)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The open source idea was a mistake

So, half a year has passed since I decided to take a bite that was too big to chew. I learned the hard way that trying to convert a big project to a new coding standard is way harder than just building something from scratch.

If there's any AS3 wizards out there, which is a rarity these days (it's basically a dialect of javascript), perhaps I could enlist some community volunteer work to take over the conversion efforts.

Alternatively, I'm strongly consider starting up a new project called TerraRaptor's Animations Platform... TRAP! This would be a new flash platform built on more professional and modern coding techniques, and I would then just port the animations over to it. But it probably would lack some of the fancy interface stuff (like the breeder selection screen and the pokedex). But I dunno how important any of that stuff is to people. Ehhh so basically just a "more porn, less bullshit" gallery.

It'd also have non-pokemon stuff that I may be interested in animating some day. Thoughts?

On an unrelated sidenote, I'd like to plug the newly created Feral Pokemon Porn discord channel. It's not mine, but you can find me there :)