Thursday, July 21, 2016

I want to make a game

One million hits, woohoo!

So what's this announcement I been mentioning? Well...

For those of you who have been following my work way way back, you might remember an adult furry browser-based game I was working in which you manage a brothel, filled with dozens of different races, from humans to anthros to ferals. It was eventually canned, however. Not for lack of trying, though. I worked hard on it for about six months and was nearly at a playable state with it. It was instead plagued by a number of complicated problems, blah blah blah, what's the point?

Fast forward a few years, I been itching to try again. Some might say "Isn't Pokemon Off White a game?". No. It's mostly just a fancy animation gallery and platform. I've been encouraged to make a pokemon adult game by a few people, and I've even drafted up a couple game documents on how it might work. But the thing is, I don't want to only be known for pokemon stuff. I'm pretty unfocused, and my love for pokemon is just one of many fetishes. Pokemon just seemed like a good starting point for my pursuits. I also want to create some original content of my own, instead of riding along this wave of pokemon's popularity.

At first I started making a revised version of the brothel game, but instead I took a step back and decided to go a different direction with it. What I ended up deciding to do is a most-text based adventure, inspired by (but far from resembling) games like Corruption of Champions and Free Cities. I been developing the engine for the past month, and it's shaping up nicely.

Speaking of text, pardon the wall of text this post is. I was planning on having some screenshots to show when it came time to make this post, but I got pulled away from my work for the past couple weeks due to pressing family matters. I'm just using placeholder art at the moment.

So, a bit about the game... you start out creating your character, choosing a race that resembles a fox, avian, or lizard (all anthro).  It is a bit of a rags to riches story, where you find yourself waking up naked, broken memories, unhealthy and unskilled. The player will try to establish themself in the city and figure out their past and what's going on. Of course, this game is very adult, and desperation to survive will most likely lead your character into selling their body to get by, just to name one obvious example.

Visually, the game has two stages: an over world top-down view of the city. A "you are here" icon will be surrounded by things you can do there (most of which you will need to unlock). Some are repeatable tasks, like working, and others may trigger events to move the story forward. The dialog encounters are in this style (screenshot is from another game).

Well, this post is dragging on. The tl;dr is that I'm working on an anthro adult interactive visual novel game.

Oh yeah, and it's totally moddable from the ground up. Users could write up their own events and upload it into the game. The event engine will then consider using it when it decides which encounter to use.

What does this mean for pokemon off white? Not much, in fact I'll be doing some work on it in a bit here. The two projects are pretty different. POW is more of an art outlet, and the other game is more of a writing outlet. My roots in the fandom were in writing, after all! Feel free to ask questions about the game in the comments, if you're curious :)

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Patreon June results + some news

And the results are in!

Latias will be in a scene...what position?
Missionary: 50
From Behind: 129
Oral: 17

Gotta say... I was really expecting missionary to take it. And I wasn't expecting oral to be so unpopular!

So what else is new?

Sunrise! For those of you paying attention, the time of day on the title screen has slowly been progressing with each each new version :)

Okay, well, that may not be very exciting news, what else? Hmm, well... at the moment, I'm not planning on processing patreon pledges this month. In other words, there probably won't be a big release. I been working on a big new project which I'll be announcing soon.

This new game will be another big ongoing project, like POW is. It's different enough that it won't really compete for my time, and POW will live on, except for the core engine development phase that I'm in now. Details to come :)