Monday, December 21, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 4.0.41

Available on FA
Direct link if you're not a member
Also available on SF
And e621!

Feel free to repost this version!

This is the final release of v4. Thanks to everyone who helped bug test during beta, you guys found a lot I missed! For those of you who already played the last beta, all that is new in this version is Sawsbuck, as a special Christmas themed pokemon, and a new winter background in showcase mode.

Latest Updates:
- New missionary position featuring Liepard and Absol
- New Showcase Mode, featuring an extended selection of pokémon. In this mode, you can arrange and customize your own animated scenes. Additional customizations will be added in later versions
- Showcase Pokémon: Vaporeon, Fennekin, Milotic, Murkrow, Umbreon, Leafeon, Unfezant, and Sawsbuck
- Improvements to the character selection screen
- New animation model, allowing for better animations and more complicated cum/mess progression (applies to new v4 animations only)

Btw, the modpack has been updated as well.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

More like... Sawsbutt!

Well, many of you guessed it! It was Sawsbuck.
I had considered Delibird, to keep the "bird theme" going, but...not the best rule 34 material, honestly D:

Sawsbuck has a masculine name and all the official designs would practically suggest it was supposed to be a male-only pokemon. So I took a bit of creative liberty creating a more fem version.

The final version of v4 will be coming out either Monday or Tuesday. Delcatty's interaction will be pushed back being more of an early v4.1 release. But she won't be coming out any later than I would have otherwise done. It's just an arbitrary versioning decision. I just want to get v4 out to the masses before the year's over ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Planned postponement

Hey everyone - you may have noticed I been pretty quiet these past couple weeks. Well, December is just a busy time, what can I say. Working hard on POW over the past couple months has left me with a backlog of personal items I've needed to address. And so I haven't had really any time to work on POW much this month. Now, with the climax of the holiday season upon us, I don't see anything significant coming this month.

I don't feel right about taking any pledges during a dead month, so, I've switched my Patreon over to "per update" mode instead of per month. In theory, nobody will be charged next pay cycle (Jan 1st).

I may leave the Patreon in this mode. It will be a psuedo-per-month mode, meaning that I would only intend to post one paid post per month on the months where there was work done. I probably should have done it that way in the first place. Per-month mode is better suited for rapid content output.

To clarify, the mega evolution vote will be postponed as well.

Actually, I do plan on releasing a winter themed pokemon to round things off (since I did one for Halloween and Thanksgiving) :)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December Patreon Vote

Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I took a few ideas and added my own spin. For the end of the year, let's do something a bit special and mega-size it!

The voting schedule is shifted a bit in light of the holidays, so voting will begin on the 27th, with the 26th being the final day to pledge if you'd like to participate, and you will have until the 5th to vote.

There were a lot of other good suggestions, though. Keep in mind that I won't pick any pokemon that I predicted I would end up doing anyway, since that would be a waste of a vote.

EDIT: Updated the poster to use a non-standard picture of Mawile. One that was less terrifying! ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

November vote and news

It's been a bit quite around here this past week, eh?

Well, here's some news: last month's Patreon vote.

Bayleef: 51
Grovyle: 37
Charizard: 57
Serperior: 29
Swampert: 17

And so, this means Charizard and Bayleef will be featured in the showcase mode. Honestly, I was expecting Serperior to take second!

I'm not taking on too much additional work and commitment at the moment, so the December vote will also be for a single showcase. I haven't decided who will be competing. Toss your suggestions in the comments (hint: Jolteon and Espeon are already spoken for).

There was also a flash poll a couple weeks ago, and we [overwhelmingly] decided that Ninetales's animation will doggystyle instead of missionary. So I'll be getting started on that once I finish up Delcatty.

And a big thank you to my Patreon pledgers (and paypal donations!) , especially those of you who have stuck with it for 3 months now ^_^