Thursday, June 16, 2016

Squawker... I mean Twitter

So, I decided to dust off my old twitter account and put it to use again. For those of you interested, I plan on using it to post small mentions of progress updates that are too small to post here on blogspot, I think. I posted one such comment already :)

Here's the link!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pokemon: Off-White 4.3.6

This is a minor update on 4.2. Not listed in the notes below are a whole bunch of bug fixes and optimizations.

I didn't want to create too much fanfare over this small update, so I just quietly updated the submission file on FA instead of uploading a new submission.

Dragon-v0942 was kind enough to reach out to me and contribute some of his quality sound effects for POW to use. He also does sound for some of the biggest furry animators out there, like Jasonafex and ZonkPunch. I've implemented some of his work into the flash so far, and will investigate adding more later (there's a lot of raw audio he gave me to go through!).

Available on FA
Direct download link

- Added alternative genital toggle button in showcase mode, along with some content to go with it for various pokemon, for example adding an ass to cloaca-bearing pokemon
- New showcase content: Helioptile
- Added pause button to showcase mode
- Dialog modding supports international languages now
- Clicking a showcase pokemon now plays their cry
- All showcase pokemon have summon thoughts now
- Missionary and oral sex sounds replaced (again) plus oral swallowing sounds added
- Absol missionary: cum on her fur more visible, and softened her eyes

I also wanted to push this out because the next update may take awhile, since it'll be a sex animation.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Later this week...

I decided to lax up on the version control for POW. What this means is that minor versions won't always have to contain some big new thing before being considered finished. That said, v4.3 will likely be out later this week. I didn't have much time this past week, so I just been working on a bunch of minor things that I could do in a small time slot of work.

Aside from a bunch of bug fixes and optimizations, it adds a "bit switch" button in showcase mode to toggle between alt style of genitals (eg anatomically correct vs humanoid style).  Also in showcase mode, clicking a pokemon will play their cry, there's a pause button now, they all have summon thought bubbles, and dialog modding supports all languages.

I wanted at least one new pokemon though, so I been working on a cutey that's been on my list for a long time now. I'll be streaming the finishing work on Helioptile here on Monday, crab walking to a picarto channel near you.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pokemon: Off-White 4.2.9

This is the polished version of the WIP version posted a couple days ago. Since then, I added a night-mode alt background to the lucario scene, the cum buttons now do something, fixed a few bugs and issues you guys pointed out to me, and went on a marathon sweep fixing up older graphics here and there.

- New mode: Scenes. A middle-ground between breeder mode and showcase mode
- Lucario oral scene added
- New showcase content: Sandslash, indoor background added
- The Pokedex gear tab now shows cum stats
- Changed some of the missionary sex sound effects
- Various graphical improvements with older pokemon assets

known issue: the night-mode background alt for Lucario can be laggy at times.

Available on FA 
Direct Download 

EDIT: the mod files have been updated as well.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pokemon: Off White 4.2.7 beta

Well, I said I'd deliver on Tuesday... still a couple hours left in the night!

This build is a WIP and won't be posted anywhere else other than the blog here. I expect to be posting a polished version on Thursday at the usual locations.

So, the big new thing here is Lucario's oral scene, which I think was the September patreon poll.

I still need to add the dialog features to Lucario and maybe do a bit more refinements to the animations here and there. I also plan on making the cum button do something (like facial cum), and adding an alt background scene (so those buttons don't do anything just yet).

Let me know if you find any bugs!

The pokedex gear tab also has a "semen scanner" now which tracks just how... full they are, exactly. The game already tracked this stuff anyway, so it wasn't hard to print those numbers out. I got the idea from a certain other flash game. Figure some people might be into that kinda thing ;)

 - New mode: Scenes. A middle-ground between breeder mode and showcase mode
 - Lucario oral scene added
 - New showcase content: Sandslash, indoor background added
 - The Pokedex gear tab now shows cum stats
 - Changed some of the missionary sex sound effects

Download from Dropbox

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A collaboration has been made

I finally managed to find an artist that may be able to help out with the POW's efforts. It has been difficult to find an artist that A.) draws feral pokemon in a style that's similar to what I'm after. B.) draws them for personal reasons, not solely untouchable commissions and C.) will agree to allowing 3rd party use.... and perhaps D.) speaks English. Lotta good Japanese artists out there, but the language barrier is a bit intense!

Give a thanks to Yaroul for her help here. She has agreed to allowing me to recreate non-commissioned art from her gallery into vector form to animate in POW. I started out with Sandslash here, which you can find the original sketch here. Not having to do the concept and posing phase myself saves me loads of time! Send a few faves and watches her way :)

You'll find her in the next version, coming out soon.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Latias loves you

This month's patreon vote will be all about Latias. She will be the first legendary added to POW. I didn't want the first legendary to merely be a showcase, though. She will instead be a scene (which I was previously referring to as a "premium showcase" but has since been renamed to "scene"). Unless I'm falling behind on my work, I plan on most patreon polls to focus on scenes from here on out.

The vote will determine the act: missionary, oral (her giving), or from behind.

The final day to pledge to participate in the vote is June 23rd. Patreons will then receive the survey via email on the 24th, and the results will be published after patreon finalizes the pledge processing for validation purposes (typically the 4th or 5th of the month).

In other news, v4.2 with the Lucario oral scene is scheduled for release next Tuesday. Or later that week at the very least.

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