Saturday, October 31, 2015

4.0.27 beta

A small update tonight.

Download from Dropbox

This contains the Murkrow showcase animation. I had planned for there to be more for this update, but alas, I was bit busier than expected this week. Still, here's what's new:

- Murkrow showcase animation, for Halloween! (I looked up a list of "Halloween themed pokemon" and settled on this squawker)
- Additional modding support. The navigation bar up top now has a modding section which the flash links to.
- Some little fixes to Liepard's animation.
- Dialog bug fixed.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Have a spooky birb butt

Soooo spooky!
Felt like doing something for Halloween. I mean....Murkrows are kinda too small to "do things" with them, so this is just a showcaser. Unless you subscribe to rule 28 I guess (and considering the allowable extents of interspecies breeding in pokémon, they probably do) ;)

Also, the first pokémon to come in a shiny variant - pink!

As much as I love avians, there aren't too many bird pokémon I'm into, mostly because their body proportions are absurd. I took some creative liberties with Murkrow here, giving her a less cartoonish body style. Hopefully it didn't stray too far :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

4.0.25 beta

Finally, after a solid month of work, I present to you the first open beta of v4! I recommend reading this whole post before playing though!

Download from Dropbox

First of all, you should be aware that in this beta build, Absol and Delcatty are not yet available. The reason because Liepard was constructed around the new animation model, which is far removed from how the eeveelutions work. In fact, all the eeveelution-related content has been mostly pushed into an isolated corner of the flash file as legacy content now.

Therefore, once Liepard is all squared away and working correctly, Absol and Delcatty will be fully implemented and integrated into the new system. It shouldn't take very long to do, compared to Liepard. I'm guessing about one week each.

Other things missing from the beta:
 - Some animation variety, so you may notice some repetition for the shorter loops.
 - Dialog variety. Dialog is mostly bare-bones right now. I pretty much wrote most of it an hour before writing this post.
 - Cum effects on the upper body
 - Cum customizations for non-showcase exclusive pokemon in showcase mode.
 - Possibly better sound effects (don't I say that every time?)

I would prefer this beta build not be distributed elsewhere, so that the general public isn't spoiled too much ;)

Latest Updates:
 - New missionary position featuring Liepard, Absol and Delcatty
 - New Showcase Mode, featuring an extended selection of pokémon. In this mode, you can arrange and customize your own animated scenes. Additional customizations will be added in later versions.
 - Showcase Pokémon: Vaporeon, Fennekin, and Milotic
 - Improvements to the character selection screen
 - New animation model, allowing for better animations and more complicated cum/mess progression (applies to new v4 animations only).

Special credit goes out to Jose Malvado for providing the Liepard graphic to me, free of charge! Go check out his work!

Music Credit: Ta-Ku - Long Time No See

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Schedule updates and November vote

The October patreon vote begins in a few days - the 25th! The final day to participate is the 24th. The roadmap has been adjusted based on new development expectations, moving the October winner into late November instead of December (among other things, see for yourself). Looking ahead, though, the November vote will be a showcase competition, this time.

A handful of starter pokemon will be competing to show off in front of the camera. Voters will be allowed to pick two answers, out of five, and the top 2 winners will get a place in showcase lineup.

They are: Serperior, Charizard, Bayleef, Grovyle, and Swampert

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dev Diary

Sometimes it's a good idea to take a step back and rethink the basics. As in, the basics that you've established for yourself in how you've decided to do things. I had a moment of clarity which has resulted in my abandoning the animation class model.

As it turns out, it's easier to take a graphic and break it up, then animate that, instead of taking a mess of body parts and trying to stitch them together into a pre-existing animation. That's how the cowgirl position animations work, but all the showcase, presenting and after sex animations are regular animations.

Animation class sounded good on artist would provide me with a graphic or vector and I'd apply it to an existing animation. But it hasn't worked well in practice and now-a-days I do most of my own art anyway.

I've created 12 animations so far for v4 and they are all more complicated than any of the v3 ones. Fennekin's and Milotic's animation loops are about 15 seconds long, for example. So I've gotten the hang of doing animations now and I don't find them to be very time consuming, really. It's the graphical prep-work that's time consuming, and prepping for animation classes is the worst.

So I'm doing away with it. Not only will it ease development, but that also means that Liepard, Absol and Delcatty will each have unique missionary animations, instead of them sharing the same one like the eeveelutions do for cowgirl. I've spent a good 4 hours tonight redoing (again) POW's internal structure to work under the new model. Phew!

I've also adjusted the roadmap to reflect the changes. There might be a beta next week :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Music bounty available [closed]

UPDATE: A song has been selected and the winner has been notified. Thank you everyone for participating!

Back in July I posted an open question for music suggestion, as in the background music during sex. Of course, back then there weren't many people following this blog, but now there are close to 3k hits a day.

I don't really want to keep the current music, which is from HuniePop, which I only picked as a last resort, added moments before v3 release. Since then, I have continued to look for music on and off, but it has been the greatest challenge so far. It takes a long time to screen music and I've wasted a lot of evenings doing this over the past couple months.

So, if anyone has any good suggestions for music, let me know. If I pick your suggestion, you'll be given 5 votes towards the next Patreon vote (Mightyena vs Ninetails vs Luxray for missionary scene). I'll need a way to verify who's who, so if you want to claim the "bounty", you'll need submit your suggestion on a non-anonymous account of some description, either on here or Furaffinity, SoFurry, Patreon, etc.

Use your best judgement on what music you think is appropriate. I don't mind using music from other video games as long as it's not very recognizable, which serves as a distraction (exception if the music is from a Pokemon game). Music from obscure games and artists is good. Midis are also fine, I can convert them.

I may reward multiple people in the event there's more than one good suggestion.

That's a lotta sea snake to love

The finest catch of the sea!

Was a bit of a learning experience animating her, since her body form is significantly different from the quads I'm used to working with.

Unless I get impulsive about a particular pokemon, that concludes the new ones for v4. Three interactives and three showcasers.

All that's left now is for me to finish the missionary sequences, which is about 1/4th complete. Post frequency may settle down over the next couple weeks while I work on that.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Why settle for just one pokébutt when you can have two? Or three?

I've just about wrapped up the basics for the new showcase mode. You can add all the pokemon you want, move them around, scale them, mirror them, and adjust the background settings. That's an animated beach scene btw, with moving waves, drifting clouds, and breezy palms! Vaporeons are suckers for the whole "sex on the beach" trope, I guess.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Showcase Mode

Bring on the feature creep!

I finished the last of the presenting poses yesterday, meaning Liepard, Absol and Delcatty are done in that department. But, I quite enjoy doing those animations and I want to do more. However, I can't commit to doing a full blown sex interaction for every little thing.

And so, I put together "showcase mode". This is an extended roster of pokemon. Though you can't sex them up, they certainly make for nice animated eye candy. Here's Vaporeon. You'll have to use your imagination on what you think her animation might be from this still-shot :)

It's also possible that pokemon will graduate from showcase mode to select mode in the future. It's actually more likely, since they're already partially implemented.

To make up for the lack of a sex interaction, pokemon exclusive to showcase mode will have a few customizations. From innocent things like changing the background and lighting, to more naughty things like adding cum splashes.

Finally, this new feature opens the possibility for new voting options. When I'm not able to put up a major feature vote, I'll fall back to having a showcase mode pokemon vote, since I can do those in a reasonable amount of time. I wasn't planning on having a November vote on Patreon next month, but it's back on now :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roadmap posted

Everywhere I look, the question is "when is ____". Of course I'm the same way for things I watch closely, like games and mods, so I understand!

It's difficult to predict the future, but if I had to guess.....well, see for yourself. I'll update the roadmap every now and then to reflect updated expectations as time goes on.

Btw, I finished Absol's presenting poses today. She totally got unfair treatment as her animation and art is better than any of the others, IMO ;)

Friday, October 9, 2015

Liepard is down to clown

Its been too long since I've posted a teaser, so, here's a WIP of Liepard's presenting pose. Though you'll have to wait and see what she does when you mouse-over her ;)

Her tail was fun to work with. I got to play around with armatures for the first time (at least in a real project). That means her tail is made out of many bones, and moves around more like a tail would, instead of being a stiff pivot at the base.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Patreon vote results

The results are in! And, wow, were they close! In fact, any one voter could have tipped the results in their favor. Lucario is the winner, and will be featured in version 5!

Didn't get what you voted for? Don't worry, this doesn't mean they won't ever be featured. Someday, I'm sure!

The October vote is: There will be a forth pokemon added to the missionary scene, most likely in version 4.2. Which one? Mightyena, Ninetales, or Luxray?

One last bit of news. After October's vote, future voting may be temporarily suspended. I can't keep making promises to add more and more content, because I need to get the existing promises done first, obviously. One vote a month may be too stressful of a pace to realistically keep up for the quality of work I want to deliver. I'll try to think of some alternative way of thanking pledgers, but if you chose to remove or reduce your pledge, no hard feelings :)