Thursday, October 29, 2015

Have a spooky birb butt

Soooo spooky!
Felt like doing something for Halloween. I mean....Murkrows are kinda too small to "do things" with them, so this is just a showcaser. Unless you subscribe to rule 28 I guess (and considering the allowable extents of interspecies breeding in pokémon, they probably do) ;)

Also, the first pokémon to come in a shiny variant - pink!

As much as I love avians, there aren't too many bird pokémon I'm into, mostly because their body proportions are absurd. I took some creative liberties with Murkrow here, giving her a less cartoonish body style. Hopefully it didn't stray too far :)


  1. "Spooky birb butt"
    Sorry, just thought it was funny...

    Good job though, keep up the great work!

  2. Will this be out for haloween?

  3. *Cough* Beakjob! *Cough* Wingjob! *Cough*