Friday, September 4, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.2.28 released

The non-beta is now available. I don't think I'll be using dropbox anymore. Too many files to maintain!

As before, you can view the FA submission here, or use this direct download link if you do not have an account there.

Changes since 3.2.26: The stop button now pauses the remaining animations (less creepy!), the bed creaking is quieter, added gender symbols to the pokedex, lots of performance improvements, and most importantly dialog-override is back.

If you modded the dialog, you no longer need a special version of this game. Just toggle the checkbox on the title screen (why didn't I think of that sooner?)!

For your convenience, here's the latest dialog template: dialog-override.xml Make your changes to the xml and place it in the same folder as wherever you downloaded the .swf file.


  1. Please increase everything and i know what people want so listen i know it will take a long time but make alot more of everything and put in all the other evolutions to eevee and eevee plus put alot of interactive dialog between pokemon also make it so you can choose between 4 sex positions that will have all new dialog riding like now but put in anal, doggy style, ans the pokemon being in submissive state with the guy on top maybe make a few new areas for it too make it so you can switch the sex positions in game it might take an extreme amout of time but you will have much more fans admiration and love. Plus that should please all your fans making more fans from the new stuff as well as old you can't lose

  2. How about a third tab in the pokedex the has clickable cheats? Just a thought for people that say, have a tablet and no keyboard? :D

    1. Yeah I plan on all the cheats being through the pokedex eventually.

  3. I'm really liking the riding animation you have going. The only real thing I don't like all that much is the cumming. The "grinding" animation you have isn't all that good. I'd personally prefer the pokemon just rough riding through it. No stopping or breaks necessary.

  4. lol these comments are stupid. Just keep doing what you're doing, it's great.

  5. Hello Terraraptor, I have a question. I saved the .swf and the .xml in the same folder, I modified a bunch of the dialogue, then booted the game up in a web browser. The selection dialogues are just an ellipses, and no dialogue shows up in game. Do you have any ideas as to what went wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3

  6. That means it either didn't find it, or it was invalid. It needs to be named dialog-override.xml and in the same folder to find it, but it sounds like you have that part right. Make sure you didn't break the formatting, like accidentally deleting a markup character.

    I would test it out with a very simple change with a fresh download, like for example just change Glaceon's "pickMe" line and see if she says it on the "chose your starter" screen.

  7. That helped greatly. I must have deleted a markup character somewhere. Thank you sir!

  8. Hello Terra Raptor,
    I seem to have a small problem with the modded xml file.
    After changing some lines the dialogue doesn't trigger during climax. Other lines (modded and default work just fine).
    I double checked if I messed something up in the xml, but it seems perfectly fine.

    Am I doin anything wrong? Could you look into it if you have the time?
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry, I haven't checked this post for comments in awhile. It's been awhile since you posted this....are you still having problems? Have you gotten *any* overrides to work, as a test?

  9. First of all, amazing work sir!
    Second, I would like to tell you some ideas that came to my mind and I think that theyy would be a huge improvement for this sweet flash:
    1 - New positions. I saw that my flareon even levelupped once, so you could make that the pokemons learn new positions(like oral, anal and handjob) as they level up.
    2 - Random actions while fucking. Not just always the same the sequence. (Also, more actions :P)
    3 - Interactions between pokemons. One could be in the background minding her own business, masturbating, watching or just crossing the room from side to side trying to catch a fly. (Better make it an option, because it could become pretty annoying)
    4 - More music
    5 - More background light settings.

    I'm not saying I want this things to be done, but maybe they could inspire you something. And take your time, I could wait years if it's needed, and I know you'll do a good job(Hell, you even got the clock to work, what else could I want? Oh right, more pokemons, fuck nevermind :P)