Wednesday, September 9, 2015

May get a bit quiet

I've begun development of v4 last week. So far I've got Liepard's graphics in, though unanimated and unscripted.

Version 4, being a major release and all, will take some a good while to produce and I may not have too much to say during the long development cycle, so you may notice a change in post frequency. Not dead, just busy!

On an unrelated note, to patreon supports, I will no longer be posting a copy of POW on patreon anymore, mainly for legal reasons, and also because it didn't really serve much purpose having another copy of it to maintain out there.


  1. Will the medium size pokemon be on there backs? based on that picture it looks like it. that would be awesome btw :D.

    1. Squark! I'm not doing all 6 at once, lol :D Just the 3 new large size.
      Mediums might see missionary some day.

  2. I'm very excited, you're doing a great job.

  3. So you will be fucking it, unlike how the first three were fucking you, correct?

  4. Will we have a WIP?