Non-monetary Contributions

Money isn't everything! If you would like to help contribute to the project or just ruffle my feathers, here is a list of ideas for you:
  • Volunteer content submissions
    • Got some lines of dialog you think are worth adding? Let me know. I can't guarantee I'll add them to the game, but if I really like them, I might!
    • Concepts and sketches. Got a sexy pose you think is worth animating? Send it my way! I'll hang onto it and may use it if they're chosen upon to be represented in the game.
    • Audio scouts. I'm always on the lookout for suitable background music. I could also use more sound effects!
  • Things I like besides money...
    • Fan art or fan fiction! There's a reason I made these animations. It's a fetish, obviously! I'd love to see some sexy fan art or short stories related to my flash games. If I start getting a few, perhaps I'll setup an online gallery for them?
    • Word of mouth. If you're part of a particular social circle or community that you think might enjoy my work, let them know. I'd appreciate it!

Monetary Contributions

If you'd like to help support my projects through a monetary donation, I have provided a couple options. The support is always welcome and will help me devote more time towards it in the future.

Patreon is the primary method, and offers some incentives for those who pledge.

Paypal may be preferred for tips beyond $5. Patreon's 11% combined fees can really eat into larger pledges on my side, whereas Paypal only charges 3%. However, Paypal also has flat-rate fees which are unfriendly towards smaller tips. It also supports direct bank transfers, in which case, there are no fees at all! Chirp!

Bitcoin is also available for those interested. So hipster! Easy on the taxes ;)