Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Sooo, I said v3 might release this weekend. The bad news: it might be another week.

The good news: That's because I been stuffing so much into v3 than I hadn't originally planned. And this is not a solo operation anymore. I'm now working with a couple of other talented people to help expand this project into something bigger.

And, any project needs a good name right? Well, as a parody of how most pokemon games are named after a color, and, as a nod for corny-porny titles, from now on, it'll be known as Pokemon: Off-White. Use your imagination on what that refers to. Or just wait until you see the logo.

Here's a screenshot of the "switch pokemon" screen, by clicking the pokeball in on the bed. Hey! What's Sylveon doing there!? Ugghhh!

So yeah, most of the work I been doing has been putting in all the foundation to plug in new pokemon. The first one I added - Glaceon - took days to do. Sylveon only took a few hours.

Between now and release, the plan is to replace the background and bed graphics, replace/improve the human graphics, and refine the animations a bit more.

Also, the offer is still on the table: I welcome more people to join the effort! There's no shortage of work to be done, if you want to help out.

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