Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.0.46 released....what's next?

The final release of version 3 is now available!

Download from Dropbox

Changes from the beta include a number of bug fixes, better blushing effects, and new sound effects and music.

Development on v3 began way back in last December, but went on hiatus for a long time. Perhaps it was too daunting of a task to take on solo? And so, I'd like to thank our contributing artist Shadowless Twin for answering my call to help, which really helped motivate me and boost my productivity once again.

As well, thanks to Foxohki for dialog contributions and art QA. I'd also like to thank Coliser, Restrained Raptor, and Draco18s for technical consultation. Lots of programming, phew!

So, what's next? v3.1?

There's no shortage of ideas. Minor releases (eg 3.1, 3.2, etc) will include new features and general improvements. Major releases (4.0, 5.0, etc) will feature new animation classes.

What is an animation class?
An animation class is one particular series of animations that can be shared by pokemon of a similar size and shape. For example, v3 has one animation class, which I refer to as "medium quads: cowgirl position" (quads as in four legged ferals).

v4,0 will add the animation class "large quads: missionary", with the current candidates being Liepard and Absol.

But, that'll take some time to finish. In the meantime, what can we look forward to in v3.1? The main feature it will bring is after sex animations. Other ideas for v3.1 include:

- additional dialog subjects, such as recognizing if they're the first one picked, or if they're getting "sloppy seconds".
- pokemon.xml. This data file will contain behavior information for each pokemon, which will regulate some things, such as bias towards slow vs fast animations, blushing, drooling and panting behavior, arousal sensitivity, etc. This will give each pokemon more individuality.
- more cum stuff of some description. I have a lot of ideas in this department.
- lighting the fireplace in the background + lighting effects

There are many more ideas, but those will be saved for future releases. Feel free to post your own suggestions in the comments!

And finally, the door is still open for any artists and animators who would like to help out in some way!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pokemon: Off-White 3.0.44 Beta

After a long few weeks of hard work, I bring to you Pokemon: Off-White!


I got 99% of what I wanted to include in v3. I'm releasing it only here on my blog for now, so please do not repost this anywhere else. Over the next couple days, I'll address any bugs that come up, and work on that last 1% (which is all sound related stuff). The non-beta, finished version will be posted on the regular sites like e621 on Thursday, and I'll also announce some features in store for v3.1.

Have fun!

<Beta download removed. Use release version>

Known Issues:
 - Sylveon drools. She's not supposed to.
 - Sylveon facial cum doesn't line up.

Any ideas for music?

So, I've had some people offering voice acting talent for the game. But before I can consider that, the flash needs some background music or ambience, because this helps to normalize the sound clips. Otherwise they sound way too noticeable, in a bad way.

I've spent days now on the prowl for some suitable background music that fits the bedroom theme, but can't find a good match. Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Flareon is lookin' fine + anonymous commenting

And so another week passes. "Where's my porkymans?!" you ask. Well, it might be awhile longer....wait, don't leave! D:

You see, I'm new to collaborative projects. I usually just work solo. So it's hard to give a time estimate when not everything is in your own hands. While waiting on a few essential graphic assets to make its way to my inbox, I been quite busy. I've continuing working on adding Sylveon, and have unfortunately wasted sooo much time on her feelers/ribbons. Those things are ridiculously difficult to animate in 2d, especially since they would most often weave between multiple layers.

Animations are important for projects like these, so that got a lot of attention too. I ended up redoing almost half of the animations in the project, and rewrote all the code associated with it to be more expandable and easier to manipulate. The end result is that the humping animations should have more variety and look smoother.

Next, I completely redid Flareon. At a glance, she might look the same as before, but, you might notice the difference if you play on a high resolution monitor. She wasn't a proper vector graphic before, but I traced over every body part and re-vectored everything proper and ran it all through an optimizer. She looks crisp and clean as ever!

I've also been networking pretty hard, getting in touch with a handful of artists. Most people aren't too willing to get caught up in a project with some featherhead they don't know, so it has mostly been dead ends. But it never hurts to ask.

Lastly, I noticed the comments were locked down on this blog tighter than they needed to be. I opened it up to everyone. It's experimental....Let's see how well google's new anti-spambot system works! I love reading comments and hearing feedback and suggestions from you guys! ^_^

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Sooo, I said v3 might release this weekend. The bad news: it might be another week.

The good news: That's because I been stuffing so much into v3 than I hadn't originally planned. And this is not a solo operation anymore. I'm now working with a couple of other talented people to help expand this project into something bigger.

And, any project needs a good name right? Well, as a parody of how most pokemon games are named after a color, and, as a nod for corny-porny titles, from now on, it'll be known as Pokemon: Off-White. Use your imagination on what that refers to. Or just wait until you see the logo.

Here's a screenshot of the "switch pokemon" screen, by clicking the pokeball in on the bed. Hey! What's Sylveon doing there!? Ugghhh!

So yeah, most of the work I been doing has been putting in all the foundation to plug in new pokemon. The first one I added - Glaceon - took days to do. Sylveon only took a few hours.

Between now and release, the plan is to replace the background and bed graphics, replace/improve the human graphics, and refine the animations a bit more.

Also, the offer is still on the table: I welcome more people to join the effort! There's no shortage of work to be done, if you want to help out.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Glaceon is almost ready for you

In the polishing phase now, fixing up the graphics, shading, etc.

By the way, using google, I tried to determine which eeveelution is generally considered the hottest. Umbreon seems to be the winner, almost tied with Sylveon. Then Glaceon. Poor Leafeon was always dead last. What do you think?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

How pesky velos treat their humans

Been learning Source Filmmaker lately. This is what I was able to come with after two days of playing around with it. It's my hen, Yukei! Seems she's found herself a human to hump :O