Sunday, September 4, 2016

August poll results

Well this was a close one!

Eevee: 80
Fennekin: 81
Shaymin: 68

And the raw votes were actually 21-23-20 (the above results factors in the $1 per 1 vote system, max 5).

This poll was for a bunch of small pokemon in a bounce scene, where the trainer holds onto her and bounces her. Completely in an innocent, playful manner, I'm sure!

As for when... well, Ninetales comes first, so, sometime after v5.0.

And Eevee and Shaymin...? Eevee was already planned to at least be in a showcase animation, and I think I might do the same for Shaymin too.


  1. make it a breeder scene plox more pov for the win

  2. instead of a showcase try doing a scene with sky-forme shaymin and see how well that turns out or maybe try a poll about which forme is more wanted.

  3. Aww damn, I just saw this and would have tipped the balance in Eevee's favour had I seen it earlier :( Eevee is my absolute favourite, hopefully a PoV scene will be done for her (even if it takes a while!). The showcases and side-on views are great and all, but PoV takes the cake

  4. i voted for fennekin. My vote really did count hahaah