Sunday, August 30, 2015

Patreon pledge changes

After having time to assess the reaction to Patreon, and get some feedback, I've decided to make the following changes to pledging:
  • You may now vote with the minimum pledge, at $1
  • Instead of there being a $5 pledge, it is now just 1 vote per $ pledged, to a maximum of 5
  • Everyone may now see the poll's post and comment, but the votes themselves are done over private message (for now, anyway)


Oh, and v3.2 is coming this week!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Patreon page is now available

If you would like to donate/tip/or see what happens when you give a raptor money, I now have my very own Patreon page. Don't worry, I've no intention of paywalling my flash games. This is primarily to act as a tipping outlet for those interested.

There is a $1 tipping tier, and a $5 voting access tier. While there will still be public polls here on the blog, they will only be for minor things. This is partially to do with the anonymous nature of the internet, meaning the polls are easily cheated and not well represented.

The Patreon polls are a month long (subject to change), and September poll is a vote between Lopunny, Lucario and Gardevoir in regards to an oral scene.

Donations or not, I appreciate any support though, even if you just share or favorite my flash games on any of the regular furry websites. Thanks! ^_^

Click the logo below to visit my patreon page:

In other news, version 3.2 is coming along nicely. I've finished Glaceon and Sylveon and just gotta finish up Flareon now :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

New boilerplate animation

Not pokemon related, but I felt like animating my feathery raptor avatar. She now acts as a "boilerplate" intro for my flashes. You can view it on my FurAffinity page (not an adult submission so no registration required).


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Version 3.2 preview

Version 3.2's main two features are the new after sex animations, and the pokedex.

Now, when you switch out to the next pokemon, the previous one will lie next to you in the bed, resting. The mess under her tail is dynamically rendered based on how much time you spent with her, including animated rivulets and a creamy forming puddle. Their facial express may also change based on what happened.

As for the pokedex, it will act as the game's main interface here on out. You can access the cheat controls here, music and sound toggles, swap out pokemon, read their adult orientated pokedex entry, and in the future, customize their appearance, and even use the screen to view x-ray mode. I spent a fairly long time working on it since it'll be used as a global feature. I'm still working on the interface, so here's just a picture of the boot sequence.

I estimate 3.2 will be ready sometime ealy September. This will be the last 3.x release before 4.0 which will finally introduce some new positions and different types of pokemon.

Friday, August 21, 2015

GIF versions now available

Here are some GIF versions of the presenting poses, for whoever might find these useful :)
Of course, the in-game flash versions are better and two-phase, but it's a compromise.

Btw, the new animations in 3.2 are coming along nicely. Glaceon's is done and I'm working on Sylveon's now.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Too much pokébutt

Here's a WIP preview of v3.2's new selection screen. You may notice that the flash is now quite a bit wider. I wonder why that might be, hm? It was to make room for new 3.2 animations, but with all the extra space to play with, I got distracted and took advantage of it for the pre-game screens ;)

Instead of animated sprites along the bottom, you now just scroll through the lineup. EG if you click Sylveon, she'll center, and you'll see Liepard's placeholder slide into her old position.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Presenting v3.1.19!

Suddenly, a new version!

Download from Dropbox

This update's main two features is the new presenting animations. Head down, ass up! You'll see them on the character select screen, and eventually on the "adult pokedex" later.

The other feature is the new v2 dialog. It is now progressive and can recognize new events. Our writer, Foxohki, has been very busy adding more variety to the thought bubbles. Now over 400 lines!

Latest Updates:
 - Pokemon now have a unique "presenting" animation on the character select screen
 - Fireplace can now be lit + lighing effects
 - Redid some of Flareon and Glaceon's appearance
 - New "dialog v2" system, recognizing new events and progression. Now with over 3x more dialog... 400+ lines!

New dialog modding override:

The instructions from the previous post still apply. However the format has drastically changed, so you'll need to get the new template to get started:

UPDATE: Turns out, the dialog override feature causes the flash to break if embedded on a website. It'll work fine stand-alone though, like if you run it on your computer locally.

For now, dialog modding has been disabled in version 3.1.19. However, if you really want to play around with it, you can still download the old version here, before it was disabled.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. And as always, feedback and critique in general is welcome. If you think something is ugly or off, I don't mind the criticism. I'm a budding artist and could benefit from a bit of constructive criticism ;)

Friday, August 14, 2015


Flareon has been given a bit of a facelift. She was the first asset I did and I wasn't quite as experienced at the time. I spent a couple hours redoing her face. Better?

UPDATE: Fixed some symmetrical issues.

Sylveon uses attract!

It has been decided that v3.2 and v3.1's features will be released in reverse order. The "presenting animations" are 2/3 complete and I plan on having it done early next week. If I can wrap up the other smaller features, I hope to be done by the end of next week!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Just a peek...

While waiting on the v3.1 graphics to be made, I got started on doing the v3.2 graphics myself. Every pokemon will have a "presenting" pose that will be displayed in somewhat of an "adult pokedex", and also used for the select screens. Well, not an "image"... it's animated, and drippy with lust ;)

I took a screenshot of Glaceon and turned her into a promotional teaser poster! Too bad that pesky tail is in the'll just have to wait for the full release for the animated version to move a bit!

UPDATE: It's possible that these animations will come out for v3.1, and the animations that were originally planned for v3.1 will come out for v3.2 instead. It could go either way, at this point. Whichever gets done first!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

3.1.2 alpha: modding functionality

The first version of 3.1 is now available. Keep in mind this is not the final version of 3.1 and lacks most of the features it will have.

Download from Dropbox


 - The fireplace can now be enabled/disabled by clicking on it. It introduces some experimental lighting effects which may be too intense for slower computers (hence the disablement option).
 - Various performance improvements to try and counter the strain the new lighting effects added.
 - Dialog (thought bubbles) may now be modded.
 - Audio bug fixes
 - Typo corrections

Dialog Modding:

I'm a big proponent of modding in games, so I'll be trying to push in this direction more with future versions. The first moddable item is the dialog. This can be useful in case anybody wanted to make a language translation, or if you wanted to personalize your pokemon's thoughts. Make them naughtier, smarter, think your name, whatever you want!

In order to mod the dialog, download this override file to get started: dialog-override.xml
Place this file in the same location as the .swf flash file you downloaded.

Open the .xml in a text editor of your choice. It should, hopefully, be pretty self explanatory. Each pokemon is represented as an <actor>, and given a unique ID. In this case, Flareon is 1, Glaceon is 2, and Sylveon is 3.

You can add more variety to the thoughts by simply adding additional lines, and the game will pick one randomly.

Near the bottom, you'll see categories like round2, round6, round20, etc. These are dynamic subjects, and you can put in any round number you want. If you put in round3, this line will be used to recognize the third round of sex has begun.

People tell me I'm lousy at explaining things, and I know...let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to clarify!