Sunday, February 21, 2016

An explanation, and an update: 4.1.8 alpha

First of all, the update:

Available at FA
Direct download link for those without an account

- New showcase animations: Charizard and Ninetales
- New selection method in showcase mode
- Known bug: the selection screen cursor is a bit "spazzy" sometimes. This is because I completely overhauled it with how it's put together under the hood. A few bugs to work out, still. As a result of this work, Umbreon's showcase cum effects now function.


This is just a minor update I never really intended to post by itself. It was the work I did in January, and I had intended to release it along with some other, juicier content. I decided to go ahead and post what I already had ready just in the spirit of keeping some form of activity going on here.

Sorry I hadn't been posting more updates on the blog. A combination of a new computer and the technical complications that came with it, and a heightened gaming interest lately (any XCOM fans out there?!) has eaten up a lot of my time over the past month. That's not to say I haven't had any free time. I hate that easy-out excuse ;)

Unfortunately artwork for me is very much mood-driven, especially of the erotic nature. It's not something easily forced. Lately I been on a bit of a raptor-high and have been working on a side project. For those of you who just like feral stuff and not exclusively pokemon, you might be okay with this. As for the pokemon-purist audience here, sorry, but my roots started out with raptor lovin', and that'll occasionally demand my attention.

So, no, this project is not dead. It's just business as usual. Hell, the gap between v2 and v3 was like 9 months. But I don't intend for that to happen again :)